Texas parents arrested for manslaughter after baby girl dies of ‘mixed drug toxicity’

Texas parents arrested for manslaughter after baby girl dies of ‘mixed drug toxicity’

Published Feb. 1, 2022 in mysanantonio.com
By Priscilla Aguirre

Texas parents were arrested on Thursday, January 27 for manslaughter after allegedly giving their 2-month-old girl allergy medication, according to the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office. An autopsy determined the baby died of “mixed drug toxicity,” reported KLBK-TV.

According to court documents, deputies responded to the couple’s home on July 11, 2021. An ambulance had already been called, and officers found a dead 2-month-old child. An investigation determined the father Adam Canales Jr., 30, was watching the baby while the mother, Sarah Canales, 21, was away. 

The father first denied to authorities that he gave the baby any medication other than “gas drops” to stop the child from crying. Adam later admitted to giving the baby allergy medicine after an autopsy later showed the baby died of “mixed drug toxicity.”

When questioned again, the father allegedly said he’d previously given the infant Benadryl on at least two occasions to help her sleep, according to the arrest warrant that also was obtained by the television station. 

The mother allegedly told investigators she’d also given her daughter Benadryl in response to a rash her daughter displayed, even though she said she knows Benadryl is not for infants because “doctors have told her not to and so does the bottle,” according to the warrant obtained from People

Bond for each was set at $100,000.

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