Is your child struggling with shortness of breath? Watch out for asthma risk

Is your child struggling with shortness of breath? Watch out for asthma risk

Published Jun 08, 2022 in
Author by TN Digital

New Delhi:Asthma is a condition wherein the lungs and airways of a person swells and inflames when exposed to certain conditions. The airways might also produce mucous making it difficult for breathing. When children suffer from asthma it becomes difficult for them to perform all sorts of activities because they might expose themselves to certain conditions that might cause an asthma attack.Childhood asthma can’t be cured and the symptoms continue into adulthood. But one can use treatment to keep the symptoms under control and prevent further damage to the lungs and the airways. Shortness of breath, coughing and chest tightness could all be signs of asthma.Asthma attacks could have severe complications. A child might suffer from several asthma attacks and might need emergency medical attention. Repeated asthma attacks might cause damage to the lungs. These damages then cause a permanent decline in functioning of the lungs. Repeated asthma attacks make the child miss school and classes which then affects their overall development.Causes and factors of asthma:There are no known causes for asthma. But here are a few probable reasons that could cause asthma:

  1. Tendency to develop allergies: A lot of allergies affect the lungs and the nasal passage which might eventually give rise to asthma.
  2. Family member who has asthma: Children who have parents or grandparents or someone genetically related who has asthma might have higher chances of developing asthma.
  3. Exposure to air pollution: Air pollution could be a reason a child develops asthma. Also tobacco smoke and other environmental factors could be a factor for childhood asthma.
  4. Exposure to dust and cold air: Some children develop asthma due to exposure to dust and cold air. These factors affect the nasal passage and could be triggers for asthma.

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